Why Qcircle

Qcircle is uniquely an eCommerce enabled Consortium. You can participate as an Investors Clientele | Owner,  Solution Devoloper Provider or a Solution Learner / User. Participation is through a set of Consortium Financial Plan. The Plan allocates privileges, awards and rewards. Please check here for frequently asked questions before submitting a request for help or to particiapte.

What is Qcircle Growth Plan ?

Qcircle provides five knowledge Nodes and two Service Channels and over 500 domain brands for participants to advance their core competency and interest.  The eConsortium Ecosystem is structured for eCommerce Exchanges and Collaborative development among all stakeholders.

  • New Education and Business Development @ BPII The Institution
  • Cyberspace Strategists, Developers and Solutions @ Singland SGM 
  • Specialty Businesses and Professional Practices @ Chartered Network
  • Montessorian World Education and Fraternity @ Montessorian World
  • Lifestyle, Social and eBizCreation @ Internet Clubs
  • New Job Opportunities Advisory and Partners Program @ JobCreation Company
  • New Business Development Advisory and Partners Program@ BizCreation Company 

All are welcome to be part of the eConsortium Ecosytem for growth together.

What is Qcircle eConsortium Ecosytem ?

Qcircle holds a chain of knowledge platforms and a network of qualified / certified members. It provides an integrated exchange platform for all networked members to help one another in intra-business development and for cooperative learning at the same time. All deliverables are provided by members for members. All participants are expected to provide  a cooperative development plan and practical agenda for purposeful integration into Qcircle eConsortion.

For who ?

For all who are desirous to be part of our Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem for growth. You can participate in a part-time or full-time capacity – anywhere and anytime. You can create a job or profession with a flexible or parallel career / business option. You find your own fit and advance at your own pace and place. Qcircle Apps provides a unique self-help venue for your growth endeavour.

Why ePartnership ?

The eConsoritum is a trusted platform with intra-business and e-commerce exchanges. Hence participation is strictly by participation of a Consortium Plan and its Policy. The Plan allocates role, privileges and financial returns. You can be part of Qcircle and be distinguished as a competent person within the eConsortium for cooperative development among networked stakeholders, providing inter-disciplinary services and doing business worldwide.

What our business model offers ?

We provide an open ecommerce enabled platform for cooperative learning and business development among networked eConsortium Partners. Here, ePartners help one another to regenerate ideas and create new values to their core competencies and businesses. It features various self-help interactives including a structured ecommerce Qcircle Innovators Portal, Qcircle eBusiness Gallery and Qcircle Apps. Essentially, you have to make a self contracted plan to achieve with a co-action agenda for a mutually beneficially outcome under the eConsortium Ecosystem.

How do I qualify myself to participate at Qcircle ?

You need to be a Qualified Client User to begin your journey with us. Alternativley, you can submit your prior qualification and experience for assessment to obtain a Competency Award. The Award enables you to subscribe to an  Affiliate Plan for immediate service opportunity and grow with our  structured set of progressive Consortium Plan.

Qcircle is a trusted eConsortium. You need to be prequalified with a Qcircle’s Award to determine your level of participation. The Consortium Financial Plan allocates Privileges and Reward based on your competency and interest. As a head start,  you can apply for a Competency Award with immediate privilege to create a job or business portfolio at the Consortium on participation with an Affiliate Financial Plan and advance to a higher Consortium Plan (namely Associate or Corporate) at your own pace.

How do I progress to an Associate Financial Plan ?

You need to be certified with a profession or specialisation for participation as an Associate @ Qcircle.  You can get yourself prepared with any Certification Award Program to enhance your competencies and businesses in the Consortium. Here, you are systematically inducted into the consortium for the delivery of a wider range of product and scope of services.

How do I progress to be a Corporate Host ?

You need to be strategic global ready for the delivery of Qcircle’s applications, products and services. You can enhance your existing business or re-position yourself as a Business, eCommerce or Global Host with a Corporate Financial Plan. A Globalisation Award Program will direct you to ready marketplaces with a domain brand affiliation process.

What is Digital Franchise @ Qcircle ?

Qcircle is a strategically created eConsortium. Digital franchises are for co-indentification and ePartnership for growth together. Here you can develop a new business or enhance your existing businesses by creating an integrated value chain at the eConsortium.

The eConsortium features a unique creative co-working and business space for participants/clienteles to co-learn, innovate and be progressively transformed with a choice digital franchise offers provided by Qcircle.  Based on  the eConsortium Ecosystem, we structure a cooperative development framework for all stakeholders to help one another to grow purposefully.

What is our “No obligation” Policy ?

The  eConsortium is always in constant self formation, development and growth. If you share our vision and mission, you can join us as it is wherever you are located. We provide no warranty on any content posted therein. Upon entry, you can continue to support and contribute to its development for a mutually beneficial outcome or exit the platform as you deem necessary.

About Qcircle’s website

Qcircle is an Education plus Business Consortium. The website is designed as an ecommerce exchange platform with an open strategic development paradigm for all participants to find their own fit and build their financial portfolio. In the process, they  create opportunities and enhance each other core competencies and performance at the same time.  It provides directed learning and collaborative opportunities for all stakeholders to purposefully participate in the eConsortium.

Flagship Product and Service Support

  • Qcircle Innovators Portal  : Directed Online Job and Business Development as a Solution Developer | Provider or Investor Clientele | Learner | User
  • Qcircle Apps : Self-help  Application Panel for intra-ecommerce and financial portfolio development for all stakeholders