International Internet Club is a multi faceted development and exchange hub. It is a platform for both business and social interaction and the sharing of regenerative endeavours. The Club provides the space for cooperative development among members with an ecommerce enabled platform. Special e-bizcreation program and posting privileges for students and entrepreneurs. hosts a chain of internet clubs and are represented by various country hosts across the globe.

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Job, business and value chain creation.

All members are digitally connected to a distinctive domain name brand for cooperative development and doing business worldwide. In the process, members create their own job, business and value chain in the eConsortium for provision of their core services and businesses. Choice of domain brand for participation.

Programs @ Internet Club

Internet Plus IT Startup Exchanges

International InternetClub is a platform for purposeful exchanges of all kinds, a Partners Portal of Qcircle. Together, the Club is supported by a well built mega infrastructure of interconnected specialty portals and service channels for global outreach. Members create opportunities within the Club and find their own fit for a practical application.

The Club offers the space for all to explore internet of things and the creation of ideas for business collaboration and development. The Club organises solution and gateway programs as aided application.

Internet Plus Award : All modules are provided and conducted by members and are accredited for practical application and advancement at Qcircle.

Internet Club @ the eConsortium

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Consortium Plan and Privileges

International InternetClub provides jobs and business development opportunities.

On completion of a choice integration program, participants receive an appropriate Award to advance their job and business prospect at Qcircle. They are eligible to subscribe to a Consortium Plan for privileges and financial returns. All qualified persons are welcome to subscribe to be an Afffiliate for immediate job reward and progress thereon.

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